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Practice Areas

Money Laundering

As a lecturer, author and advisor in the field of AML/KYC and CIP we can provide the support you are looking for when you need it most. 

Securities Matters

From Private Placements and Public Offerings to Dispute Resolution we are available to provide the support and protection you require when you delve into the finanical markets.

With experience in all areas of raising capital to protecting investment decisions and opportunities, we stand ready to provide you with the support you need to grow and expand your business and to take the calculated risks necessary to make your share holders happy. 

Medical Marijuana

The diverging interests of the states and the Federal Government have put this issue on a collision course and can place individual liberty at risk. 


When you have questions that require understanding of the market, its paricipants and the overall environment contact us as we've been involved since 2011 

Contract Litigation

We have extensive experience in handling litigation matters in many diverse industries that allow us to support your needs and advance your rights. A contract can be a savior when used properly, work with those that understand the nuances. 

Federal & State Appeals​​

The protection of liberty is at the core of a lawyers responsibility to his client. When you have lost at the trial level an Appeal may be the only thing standing between you and a lot of jail time.​ An Appeal is complicated and time consuming and governed by strict time tables and requirements. Make your Appellate choice an agressive one. Contact us now, not later. 

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